Monat for Cosmetologists



  • Haircare is an $81 Billion Industry with projected growth to $105 Billion in 2024

  • Monat had 700% growth from 2016-2017 and is projected to hit $1 Billion in cumulative sales in 2018

  • Global Expansion

  • Consumable product= repeat business

  • Clinically proven ingredients (independent studies from Tri-Princeton Labs and KosmoScience)

  • Naturally based and free of harsh chemicals and toxins

  • 30 day money back guarantee offered by Monat

  • Monat owns its own R&D, distribution, and manufacturing based in Miami, FL

  • Culture of family and gratitude 

  • Monat is unlike anything in the haircare industry today and is a category creator

  • Monat has THE ONLY plant based silicone-free thermal protectant (up to 450F) on the market










Beauty Industry Trends:

Euromonitor International Trend Forecaster predicts that Monat will have 10% of the premium haircare market in the US and 3% of the overall haircare market in the US in 2018.  As predicted by Euromonitor, Monat has become the #1 selling professional haircare line in all of North America in 2018!!

No inventory to stock-  With Monat since clients purchase from their own Monat website which is linked to yours, there is no need to carry a large volume of inventory.  You can use your starter product pack as backbar and the client will have fresh product shipped directly to their home. 

No sales requirements-  With Monat there are no monthly minimums or quotas.  You are able to come and go as you please. Sell at retail or build a team - your choice!

ExclusivityMonat will never be sold in drugstores or big box stores unlike the majority of “Professional or Exclusive” lines on the market.  Monat is truly an exclusive luxury line sold direct to the consumer cutting out the middle man and eliminating the need for the stylist to run to the beauty supplier to stock products the incoming clients may need.

Client incentives-  Monat incentivizes your clientele to purchase for you and from you-  Monat offers your VIP customers 15% off and free shipping as well as a free product with each qualifying order!  They also get credit toward product for referring customers to you.  Also, a Monat VIP customer will generate a residual monthly income compared to a client who doesn’t usually get their hair done monthly.  You get commissions on all sales!


Expanded clientele-  Your clients have friends who may not come get their hair done from you, however, you are able to generate income from their referrals. By simply recommending the proper products for their hair type from Monat’s hair quiz offered on your front page of your website they get a personalized salon recommendation from Monat’s product experts.

Client attrition-  If your client moves or starts seeing another stylist you are continuing to generate income from their product purchases as well as the purchases of their friends and family.

Business expansion-  With Monat, you have the ability to expand your business by sponsoring other employees, co-workers, clients and friends as they become Monat Market Partners.  You earn off of their efforts as well.

Commissions-  As a Monat Market Partner you will earn commissions and bonuses on sales motivating us as stylists to begin recommending and suggesting purchasing from us again rather than online or from a store.  The salon owner will once again benefit financially from increased sales generated.


Stylist relocation-  If a stylist relocates to another salon the salon will lose the income from that stylist’s services, however, they will continue to generate income from the stylists as they continue to grow their Monat business at the new location.


Residual income-  When was the last time you were paid when you weren’t behind the chair?  Monat Market Partners get paid weekly and monthly whether the salon is open or closed!

BonusesMonat has an incredible compensation plan including a 3 tier Luxury Car Bonus Program, vacation incentive trips, cash bonuses and free product bonuses!  When has any product line offered you a white Cadillac of your choice simply for promoting high end haircare?


Quality of your workMonat removes buildup from the hair and scalp offering unprecedented bounce and shine to your client’s hairstyle.  As a stylist, I know that I also had nothing to offer clients with thinning hair and hair loss.  Monat promotes a healthy scalp, thus healthy hair resulting in a balanced pH, reduced inflammation, a healthy cellular structure for a lifetime of healthy hair with anti-age benefits.


Plan B-  As a stylist, most of us are lucky if we get any sort of health insurance let alone a retirement plan.  What happens if you get hurt and cannot work? All it takes is to break a finger and you can be out of business for any length of time. With Monat, you have a safety net of residual income and can work anywhere you have internet access or anywhere there are people!

Promoting yourself-  Hairstylists are experts on communication. How did you build a clientele in the first place?  You spoke to anyone and everyone you knew and even those you didn’t know offering recommendations for their hair type and texture. You do this as part of your culture without even realizing you are promoting yourselves.  When on vacation, it’s likely you will meet people and it’s unlikely that those individuals live in your community making it impossible for them to become a client in your chair. However, if they live in the US, Canada or the UK or know someone who lives there, they are certainly able to become your Monat VIP or Market Partner or at least be able to make a retail purchase off your website.

Social sellingMonat Market Partners are able to use social media (which most of us use anyway) as a means of connecting with those outside of our clientele who are looking for better haircare. It’s a simple, quick way of getting the word out and taking care of more people.  Social selling is the newest trend in sales in all arenas and now the opportunity has come to the professional hairstylist to generate residual income on the worldwide web.


Global Expansion- Monat is just getting started as it expands worldwide!  Who do you know in other countries?  How would you like to benefit from their product purchases as we carry this “healthy hair revolution” around the world?

Gratitude Program- Monat has a mission of gratitude where we create community partnerships with a humanistic focus that promotes the involvement of families in the development and strengthening of their communities.  Our vision is to make the world a better place by working with organizations that have a positive impact on society with a focus on families, children and youth, and education.  


Whether you are a salon owner, stylist or booth renter, becoming a Monat Market Partner is the new, smarter, more modern way of doing business.



Testimonial from Renee Vacca in Seattle, WA:

“As a 32 year stylist I have never seen anything like this. I have been a salon owner, platform artist, photo styist, educator, and I have helped write the curriculum for the top high end salon chain in Seattle, WA: Gene Juarez Salons. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had a health crisis which forced me to give away my entire clientele overnight.  This obviously broke the bank and as you can imagine, it broke my heart losing the industry I loved. Monat has brought me back into the beauty industry helping stylists and salon owners raise their business to new heights.  It has created a residual income for me from the beauty industry without a negative impact on my health. I am forever grateful that a fellow seasoned stylist shared Monat with me. It has been a game changer for my family and has allowed me to dream again! It may or may not be for you, however it may be for someone you know that can relate to my story. Helping others is what we do.”

Want more testimonials from stylists and salon owners? Watch THIS VIDEO 

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