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Why Anti-Aging Hair Care?

All Monat products are infused with our proprietary blend of 11 rare essential oils, Capixyl (derived from red clover extract), Procataline (pea extract) and Crodasorb to help protect against UV and free-radical damage.


Proactive amino acids simultaneously repair and replace nutrients at the cellular level to increase hair growth, reduce premature thinning and aging, and protect the colour, life and shine.

Clinical studies by Tri-Princeton and KosmoScience prove that our products work!

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Healthy Hair Starts Here


Surveys have shown that women, on average, have 3 bad hair days per week. That's over 20 years of bad hair days over their lifespan! Fortunately, there is a healthy solution. 

We are a brand new, Miami-based social selling company that is taking the hair care industry by storm. We're changing lives every day by helping people experience more good hair days in a healthy way. If you're curious to see if we can help tame your wild mane or if you simply need MORE MANE TO TAME,

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What You Say About Us


"Between an outdoors job and an active lifestyle, most days I shower at least twice. I was wary of combination shampoo/conditioner products after trying drugstore brands, which left my hair flat and dull-looking. The 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner has restored the shine I remember from my younger days!"


I subjected my hair to more than 30 years of color, highlights and perms; strands would literally break when I brushed. I didn’t think any product could come close to combating years of damage and sun, but the Repair Treatment lived up to its name and its promises. My hair has never felt better.


In my 20s, my trademark was my thick, full-of-body long hair. I never thought I’d see that kind of volume again, but Root Lifter has brought it back. I’m 53, and my hair has never looked fuller … or better!


PILLE KAPETANAKIS, Founder and Independent Monat Market Partner  

MP Sponsor ID: 48227    |   Phone/Text: 1-250-797-0443 
Email: hair@shaw.ca |  FabHairClub.com

Pille Kapetanakis is a Founder, Cadillac earner and the leader of team Freedom Factory at Monat. She loves helping people achieve the best hair of their life and help them earn side income without it interfering with what they are already doing.


“As a part of team Freedom Factory at Monat, you can count on getting the training and support you’ll need to reach whatever goals you choose to set for yourself!”

~~ Pille Kapetanakis